SSgt Tim Blodgett

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SSgt Tim Blodgett served in the United States Marines for 10 years, including three tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, before retiring last year. He was injured on his last tour, in Afghanistan, when his convoy hit an IED. Despite his 90% disability rating, Tim works full time and was very reluctant to ask for help. Tim said, “If it was just me I would be off in the mountains somewhere with a tent and a sleeping bag and would be perfectly happy. But I have a wife and son to support…”

Due to a mix up with the VA, Tim spent several thousands of dollars out of pocket, and took on credit card debt to cover a student loan, which he was told would be covered by the GI Bill. SSgt Blodgett is also still waiting for the VA to fix a clerical error and add his wife and son to his VA benefits.

The NC Heroes Fund is pleased to be able to help heroes like SSgt Blodgett who has sacrificed so much for his country.