Who We Are

The North Carolina Heroes Fund (NCHF) started in 2007 to assist the military men and women of North Carolina. Our founder, Scott Stone saw a need to help those defending our freedom.

Many of these men and women return from active duty and are facing very difficult transitions back into civilian life. NCHF focuses our support on helping our veterans and active duty military overcome short-term financial obstacles that have arisen as a result of their service.

Simply facing the challenge of returning home from deployment and the transition of reuniting with loved ones can seem overwhelming; imagine returning home with a life-altering injury. The injury alone is not the only issue, extended recovery and rehabilitation can take a toll on most families.

The request for financial assistance from North Carolina’s injured and rehabilitating veterans are the NCHF’s most frequent request. We have been serving the needs of our North Carolina military and their families – active duty and veterans – facing financial hardship for over thirteen years and have assisted hundreds of our military and their families facing hard times to find a way through.

Why NCHF Needs You