How Can You Support NCHF?


To assist North Carolina’s military families at a higher level, we have unique opportunities for you to give as an individual or as a company. Your gift can help 1-15 families over the course of the year.

Your gift makes an immediate impact in the lives of these military men and women in their families. Click here for details »


Do you own a business and want to direct proceeds to NCHF? Or do you want to sell raffle tickets for donated items and raise money for us? Even if you just want to set up a lemonade stand, there are lots of ways to organize a fundraiser to benefit military families. Once the money is raised, you can send it to us to help North Carolina’s military families.

Please contact us by email at to organize an event.

NCHF offers a wide range of opportunities to host a fundraiser or simply participate in one. Whether you are looking to spend time or money helping those who have served, you can find a way to get involved.

Why NCHF Needs You