Our Mission

The mission of the North Carolina Heroes Fund (NCHF) is to improve the quality of life of North Carolina’s military personnel and their families. This is accomplished by providing support to men and women and their families who are currently serving or have recently served in the United States Armed Forces and are enduring financial hardships that are generally related to their military service.

For fifteen years, NCHF has assisted hundreds of veterans and their families across North Carolina facing short-term financial hardships as a direct result of their military service.

NCHF stepped in and bridged the gap for families – taking care of essential living expenses such as mortgage/rent payments, car payments, insurance payments, and food and gas gift cards.

It’s a great feeling.  To get relief during a crisis, a way to regain resiliency and recognition and support for a life of sacrifice. These men and women make a difference to our country and NCHF, with your support, makes a difference for them when they need it most.

Why NCHF Needs You

  • North Carolina has 6 major military installations housing the 3rd largest number of military personnel in the nation.

  • North Carolina has more than 30,000 National Guard and Reserve members who live throughout the state.

  • North Carolina has 656,000 veterans living in our state.

  • North Carolina currently ranks 21st in the country for supporting veterans, lagging significantly behind our immediate neighbors Virginia and South Carolina.