Sgt. Shawn Lopez, Charlotte

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Shawn Lopez, an Army Veteran, was medically discharged in 2013 after serving 2 tours in Afghanistan. His second tour was especially rough and he was injured in 5 separate IED attacks. In one, he was next to a soldier who was blown up in the attack. In another, he was struck by a fellow soldier’s weapon. After Shawn was discharged in 2013, he started a wood working business. Recently his injuries had gotten worse and he was unable to continue in that line of work because it was so physically demanding. He, his fiance Jessica, and their toddler returned to North Carolina a few months ago as they developed a love for NC after being stationed at Fort Bragg. Shawn is attending classes at CPCC in order to re-train for a different career and is waiting to receive his VA benefits for his injuries. Shawn and Jessica contacted the NC Heroes Fund for assistance because they had gone through their savings while waiting for the VA to award benefits for Shawn’s injuries and were living in their car for several weeks. Just last week we were able to help them with a deposit and a few months rent on a home. Thank you for you continued support of the NC Heroes Fund so that we are able to help veterans like Shawn and his family! Although they now have a roof over their heads, they are now in need of furniture. If you can help, please contact Heather Whillier, 828-284-2858 or