December Financial Hardship Grants Help Army Veterans Pay Bills

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CHARLOTTE, N.C.—The North Carolina Heroes’ Fund helps two more former members of the U.S. Army by endowing Sgt. Holmes and Spc. Rice with hardship grants.  Physical disabilities hinder Holmes’ and Rice’s ability to work, which caused their financial hardship upon returning from service.   The inability to work, coupled with the lag time in receiving disability benefits has created hardships for both veterans. These grants from the North Carolina Heroes’ Fund helps bridge that gap by helping Army Sgt. Holmes and Spc. Rice with their automobile, rent and utility bills.

Sgt. Holmes, a North Carolina native and veteran, was deployed twice to Afghanistan where she served as a unit supply specialist. This job resulted in long hours on foot in rough terrain, leading to flat foot condition, limited flexion of both thighs, and cervical strain. These hindrances made working at her law firm impossible, so without income, she is forced to move back in with her mother. Rice currently suffers similar hardships, as a 500 pound axle fell on her while in Iraq, resulting in her medical retirement from the Army.

Despite these hardships, Sgt. Holmes has been attending school to receive a BA in Business Administration. She will also be joining the Vocational Rehabilitation Program upon completion of her Bachelor’s Degree in order to find a job that suits her physical disabilities. “She truly has tried to make ends meet on her own and help herself to this point,” states Stephanie Richard after interviewing Holmes.

The North Carolina Heroes’ Fund was created in January 2007 with the mission of aiding the men and women specifically from North Carolina or those serving at one of North Carolina’s many military installations. The fund, works to grant those who have served in our military and are now enduring hardships as a direct result of their service. For more information, please visit